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castello1Ferrara, the city of bicycles

Ferrara is the city that first saw the “modern urban planning of Europe,” realized by Biagio Rossetti, who created a happy union between new and old by uniting the medieval city with the new Renaissance layout. Since 1995, the historical center of Ferrara has been a UNESCO World Heritage City. It is a historical center that naturally lends itself to cultural events, now a distinctive characteristic of the city. Ferrara is a city to be “enjoyed,” literally, discovering all of the typical gastronomic products. It is a city that merits being visited calmly and slowing, leaving your watch behind.
Ferrara is a fascinating university town, rich with art and culture. The historical center develops around an imposing castle and majestic cathedral. In the surrounding streets, the small wine cellars along the medieval roads allow those who travel to have a taste of a tradition that is still alive today. A trip to Ferrara is a taste of an elegant town that lives on the culture of both the present and the past. Don’t let the contained size of the city mislead you. Ferrara is an avant-garde city in regards to the sophisticated and cultured way of life. It is a city that pays attention to artistic and environmental values. The innovative University of Ferrara is a great example of the spirit of the city. This institution born in 1391 is now at the forefront of university education, technology and distance learning. Ferrara is also known for its cheerful and welcoming people, known for their characteristic courteousness inherited from the “antica urbanitas” of the Estense family.