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Nightlife in Ferrara

Ferrara is a university town, so the nightlife can be lively thanks to the presence of numerous bars in the city center and various clubs not far from the city. The liveliest parts of the nightlife scene can be found right by the Cathedral and on the small streets surrounding it. Some noteworthy places to visit are “Giori,” next to the castle right under the Savonarola statue, and the wine bar “Al Brindisi,” the oldest of its kind in the world, on a small side street along the cathedral. “Al Brindisi” has about 600 years of history that has allowed it to be cited in the Guinness book of world records. If the weather allows for it, it is great to be outside at some of the most frequented bars of the city: “B-Side” and “Messi’s Bugo” which can both be found on Via Carlo Mayr, and “Maracaibo” on Via Contrari. These two streets are always bustling: during the day due to the presence of lots of shops, and during the evening thanks to the young crowds of Ferrara